The ILSC’s Indigenous Alumni group supports current and former Indigenous employees to maintain a lifelong connection with each other and the ILSC. We aim to enable the sharing of experiences and expertise, maintain networks, provide job opportunities across the ILSC Group and create an engaged and vibrant professional networking community.

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About the ILSC's Indigenous Alumni 

The ILSC’s Indigenous Alumni has been created to help maintain connections by sharing experiences and expertise. The ILSC will create opportunities for engagement with each other to continue a vibrant community and network. The ILSC is keen to see its Alumni recognised for their contributions in their fields of expertise.

We all have unique life stories and we would love to hear about yours. If you have news of your professional or community achievements, or of achievements by other ILSC Indigenous Alumni group members, let us know where you have travelled in life since leaving the ILSC Group. Please get in contact with us at

Keeping in Touch

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Future events

At the ILSC Group we wish to support our Alumni to maintain a lifelong connection with us and each other, sharing experiences, expertise, enjoying networking and other opportunities to create a highly engaged and vibrant community and network.

The ILSC will hold networking events from time to time and will notify Alumni members via email.

The ILSC can also assist you to keep in contact with your Alumni members by e-mailing them on your behalf so they can respond directly to you. (For privacy reasons we don’t give contact details to third parties.)

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Featured ILSC Indigenous Alumni Members 

Lisa O'Sullivan, Senior Administration Officer (current), ILSC

Over my long career at the ILSC, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to be able to mentor over 14 Indigenous Trainees and Cadets. I find being able to do this is extremely rewarding and a true passion of mine. I’m proud to be able to give everyone a culturally safe environment to come to work every day at the ILSC.     

Mishalia Birch, Former Cadet, ILSC

I joined the ILSC in 2011 and worked there as a cadet until I graduated in 2015. The staff were warm and welcoming and largely invested in my professional development. Moving from a remote community to the city to further my education presented many challenges, and I don’t think I could have done it without the support of the ILSC who became like family to me.

I loved being able to work in an organisation that allowed me to develop professionally, and contribute to outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the same time. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to visit some ILSC funded projects and seeing the positive impact that these initiatives were having really emphasised the importance of ILSC’s collaborative work with communities and in driving economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits.

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