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01 26/07/2012 All documents relating to transfer of 91A Kinnerley Rd Virginia to Yirra Bandoo Aboriginal Corporation Land Trust and construction of the house located on the property on 28/1/2003 and any correspondence between the Yirra Bandoo Aboriginal Corporation Land Trust and the ILC.
Documents Released Documents in full 01 Released Documents


02/10/2012 For the period between 20 Oct 2011 and 23 July 2012: all communications between ILC's Chairperson and the ILC Board, FaHCSIA and Minister Macklin regarding the governance of ILC and the role, conduct and tenure of the ILSC Board and its CEO.
See schedule of documents in 02 Released Documents Part 1 in the right hand column
02 Released Documents Part 1

02 Released Documents Part 2

02 Released Documents Part 3
03 20/01/2014 Documents relating to terms of reference for a formal compliant and statements made in relation to that complaint See schedule of documents in 03 Released Documents 03 Released Documents
04 18/02/2014 All correspondence from Dr Dawn Casey of the Indigenous Land Corporation to Prime Minister between 8 September 2013 to 20 January 2014 See schedule of documents in 04 Released Documents 04 Released Documents
05  24/02/2014 All submissions that went to the ILSC’s Board relating to advice about the purchase of Ayers Rock Resort and any occupancy projections. See schedule of documents in 05 Released Docs Part 1 in right hand column. 05 Released Documents Part 1
05 Released Documents Part 2
05 Released Documents Part 3
05 Released Documents Part 4
05 Released Documents Part 5
05 Released Documents Part 6
06 06/06/2014 Documents relating to the assessment of applications in the recruitment of an accountant. See schedule of documents in 06 Released Documents 06 Released Documents
07 01/12/2014 Documents relating to the divestment of Hillgrove and Gaythorne Stations. See schedule of documents in 07 Released Documents 07 Released Documents
08 29/05/2015 Documents relating to ILSC’s acquisition of Ayers Rock Resort See 08 Schedule of Released Documents 08 Schedule of Released Documents

08 Released Documents

09 03/07/2015 Letter from ILSC Chairperson to Prime Minister of Australia dated 27/05/2015 Letter released in full 09 Released Document
10 24/08/2015 Documents containing communications to or from the ILSC regarding the letter from ILSC’s Chairperson to the Prime Minister dated 27 May 2015 See 10 Schedule of Released Documents 10 Schedule of Documents

10 Released Documents

11 03/09/2015 All communications between the ILSC and the Saturday Paper and/or Mr Mike Seccombe See 11 Schedule of Released Documents
11 Schedule of Released Documents

11 Released Documents

12 17/11/2015 Documents relating to the repatriation of Aboriginal human remains at Menera Station See 12 Schedule of Released Documents
12 Schedule of Released Documents

12 Released Documents

13 21/01/2016 Documents relating to previous freedom of information requests See 13 Schedule of Released Documents
13 Schedule of Released Documents

13 Released Documents
14 21/01/2016 Documents relating to acquisition and divestment of land known as Canoon, Rosemont and Boorabee See 14 Schedule of Released Documents
14 Schedule of Documents

14 Released Documents
15 30/03/2016 Media releases that were removed from ILSC’s website
See 15 Schedule of Released Documents
15 Schedule of Documents

15 Released Documents
16 30/03/2016 ILSC Annual Report as submitted to the Minister in 2015; ILSC Board resolution re Annual Report; correspondence between ILSC and Minister re Annual Report; correspondence between ILSC and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet re Annual Report; internal ILSC documents re consideration by Minister of Annual Report
See 16 Schedule of Released Documents 16 Schedule of Documents

16 Released Documents Docs 1 to 18

16 Released Documents Docs 19 to 26

16 Released Documents Doc 27

17 7/12/2017 Various documents related to Black Theatre Building See 17 Schedule of Released Documents 17 Schedule of Documents

17 Released Documents 1 to 3

17 Released Document 4

17 Released Documents 5 to 9

17 Released Document 10

17 Released Documents 11 to 18

17 Released Documents 19 to 46

18 5/12/2018 All documents in the possession of the ILSC (including emails, correspondence, communications, file notes, diary annotations, briefings, advice, Board papers and relevant extracts of the records of Board meetings) which relate to the attendance of Director Bruce Martin at ILSC Board meetings created between 1 July 2017 to 4 November 2018.  See 18 Schedule of Released Documents 18 Schedule of Released Documents

18 Released Documents Part 1 pg 1-50

18 Released Documents pg 51-100

18 Released Documents pg 101-150

18 Released Documents pg 151-196


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