Indigenous Land Corporation

Our Land Our Future

Our Land Our Future

The ILC’s Our Land Our Future program achieves benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through land acquisition and management.

The ILC supports projects in a range of ways, depending on the nature of the project. The ILC may fund projects directly, work with potential co-investors, enter into a formal commercial partnership or become an owner-operator of an enterprise through a subsidiary.

The Board has committed up to $30 million to the Our Land Our Future program over three years for land-based projects over $100,000.

An additional $3 million is available annually to support small land-based projects (up to $100,000) through direct grant funding.

Our Land Our Future Program Brochure

The ILC's spectrum of assistance

Direct grant funding Working with potential co-investors Formal commercial partnership Owner-operator via an ILC subsidiary
Small land management grants for infrastructure and property planning projects

Urgent health and safety projects

Indicative project value: less than $100,000
Support land management projects through a collective impact approach, well planned sustainable; projects well supported and able to leverage funds

Indicative project value: more than $100,000
Invest in equity and market share and impact investing arrangements; including possible ILC representative on board, robust social and financial return on investment, sustainable and well managed Indigenous land.

ILC establishing agriculture, tourism and environmental enterprises on Indigenous-held land, to increase productivity of Indigenous-held land. Provide Indigenous training and employment outcomes
ILC value add services: legal, financial, training and employment, business advice and access to agricultural and carbon farming technical expertise


The ILC is committed to:

  • developing and investing in land-based enterprises that create Indigenous employment and other significant benefits for Indigenous people
  • providing protection and long-term management  of land with cultural and environmental values and assets
  • maximising the productivity and use of Indigenous- held land that will deliver the greatest benefit for Indigenous people, and
  • investing in land assets and enterprises that are economically sustainable, can leverage investment and take advantage of emerging markets and supply chain opportunities.