The ILSC assists Indigenous people with the acquisition and management of land, salt water and fresh water so they can achieve economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits.

How to seek assistance from the ILSC

For details on funding of less than $100,000, see Small Projects, for details on funding of more than $100,000, see Large Projects. To learn more about OLOF, see

What we can support

  • Land projects that increase the productivity, value and profitability of the Indigenous Estate.
  • Investments and acquisitions that focus on
    • agribusiness
    • urban investment
    • niche Indigenous products
    • tourism
    • renewables

What we're looking for

  • investment ready projects with robust business plans
  • strategic land acquisition projects
  • sustainable projects that create impact on a regional level
  • additional partners and support from a number of sources

The next steps

  • Get in touch with us! Freecall 1800 818 490


Small Projects

Funding of up to $100,000 for Indigenous land-based projects, including property management planning, buying plant and equipment, or developing infrastructure.


Large Projects

Funding of more than $100,000 for Indigenous land-based projects. The ILSC wants to hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups and potential co-investors. We have the expertise and the networks to help Indigenous people realise their plans.


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