OLOJ offers enterprise-based training in tourism and agriculture with a guaranteed job offer for all graduates, setting up real employment pathways for Indigenous people in remote areas.


Our Land Our Jobs offers training and employment in tourism at Ayers Rock Resort, Mossman Gorge Centre and Home Valley Station via the ILC's Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia subsidiary. The ILC Board has set a target of up to 300 training places with offers of employment and a further 100 new jobs for Indigenous people at Ayers Rock Resort.

In agriculture, Our Land Our Jobs offers training and employment opportunities for Indigenous trainees to live and learn land management on one of the ILC's 14 agricultural businesses operated by National Indigenous Pastoral Enterprises, and Merriman Shearing School, a working sheep station operated by the ILC's Eastern Divisional Office.

Achievements to date

  • an 89% Indigenous workforce at Mossman Gorge Centre
  • a 75% Indigenous workforce on ILC agricultural businesses

Trainee benefits

Trainees can look forward to
  • traineeships in tourism and agriculture on ILC or Voyages-operated properties
  • residential training facilities
  • accredited, enterprise-based training
  • proper wages, and
  • a guaranteed offer of employment with an ILC or Voyages-operated business or another employer.

Contact us for training and jobs - agriculture

Chad Sloan

p: (08) 8100 7177
m: 0418 854 834
e: chad.sloan@ilc.gov.au

Darren Hall

p: (08) 8100 7119
m: 0437 659 415
e: darren.hall@ilc.gov.au

Stephen McCarthy

p: (08) 81007133
m: 0407 900 556
e: stephen.mccarthy@ilc.gov.au

Contact us for training and jobs - shearing

Mark Denning

Contact for Merriman Shearing School

p: (07) 3854 4665
m: 0438 872 398 
e: mark.denning@ilc.gov.au

Rory Lynch

Contact for Merriman Shearing School

p: (07) 3854 4672
m: 0409 094 395 
e: rory.lynch@ilc.gov.au

Contact us for training and jobs - tourism


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