The ILC assists Indigenous people with the acquisition and management of land so they can achieve economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits.

How to seek assistance from the ILC

For details on funding of less than $100,000, see Small Projects, for details on funding of more than $100,000, see Large Projects, and to learn more about OLOF, see the  Our Land Our Future Handbook.

The video below briefly explains how OLOF works.

ILC Priorities

  • Developing and investing in land-based enterprises that create Indigenous employment and other significant benefits for Indigenous people
  • Providing protection and long-term management of land with cultural and environmental values and assets
  • Maximising the productivity and use of Indigenous-held land that will deliver the greatest benefit for Indigenous people
  • Investing in land assets and enterprises that are economically sustainable, can leverage investment and take advantage of emerging markets and supply chain opportunities.