The ILSC acquired Mawonga Station under the Cultural and Environmental Values category for the Winangakirri Aboriginal Corporation in conjunction with the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.
The ILSC bought Mawonga Station, a 22,373ha Western Lands Lease property in NSW, for the Winangakirri Aboriginal Corporation (WAC). The purchase was made in conjunction with the Australian Government’s Department of Environment which contributed two-thirds of the purchase cost under the National Reserve System program.  The ILSC granted the property to Winangakirri in September 2015.

Mawonga has important rock art sites and is located in the Cobar Peneplain bioregion, a landscape that is under-represented in Australia’s National Reserve System.  

The purchase and grant provides security of access to and ownership of, Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan peoples’ traditional land and contributes to cultural revival and reconnection. Traditional Owners now have ongoing access to the property to manage the significant sites, including 15 shelters with rock art, camp sites and scarred trees. The acquisition and grant also provides protection for the critical habitat of up to 23 threatened species.

WAC is working with the Department of the Environment to have the property declared an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).WAC has successfully implemented the consultation and planning phases of the IPA program and upon the transfer of Mawonga to WAC, an IPA will be formally declared. In December 2014, a conservation covenant was successfully registered on the title of the land and IPA funding was approved for four years by the Commonwealth Government for the on-going conservation and Aboriginal land management of Mawonga.
WAC will employ a full-time Indigenous manager and engage 15 part-time volunteers each year to assist with conservation monitoring and land management, while undertaking land-management related training.

“As a result of ILSC assistance, our group has experienced an increase in self-determination and management”.- Stacey Meredith, Secretary, Winangakirri Aboriginal Corporation